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Eva María Gey. Children Illustrator
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Eva María Gey Trenado (Spain)

Mail: eva.maria.gey@gmail.com

Telf: +34 679 79 11 22


represented by: Plum Pudding Illustration Agency


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When I was a childWhen I was a child I spent many hours drawing with my elder sister.  Any place was perfect to use our pencils and sheets and start drawing; on the floor, on the bed, on the couch, on the table… (places where we always had many crayons).

Exhibitions and another acts in which I participateI tried many things before being sure I settle on the path of being an illustrator. This career choice is often far from easy, but I know it is right for me.

I have always had the support of my family. And though my parents may be a little bias in thinking that their daughter is the best artist, I am lucky in that I have had much support from beyond my family as well.

In 2009 I was fortunate to publish my first picture book, "Cheetah Spotted", published by AE, and this gave me first break into the publishing world. From then I have been so fortunate to have many commissions. I'll tell you all about them if you contact me.

I try to be everywhere: traveling to the most important fairs in the publishing world, attending courses, lectures and events. So if you would like to meet me and look at my portfolio, again please do contact me.

I also try to be as proficient in the business side of my illustration as I hope I am creative. Marketing is so important when you a work alone like we do in our profession. So I will hope to continue to be able to attend key trade fairs and show my work.

The work with publishers is not over when you deliver the books or illustrations, the workshops, book signings and events in fairs are also part of this work as an illustrator and author. For me, it is important to try and enjoy it. I treasure to see the enthusiasm on the faces of the children when I show my books. It's priceless.

I know I still have long way to walk, but thankfully I am always moving in my life and my work, and on my journey I know I will have many wonderful surprises to discover.